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Folkestone Calling: We’ve rebranded!

We’re thrilled to unveil our brand new identity. While we haven’t forgotten where we came from we understand many of you didn’t know in the first place. That’s why we’re no longer Hellfire Film Festival, we’re now Folkestone International Film & TV Festival. Read more

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Hellfire@Home Festival Launch


We are in unprecedented and unknown territory right now. Many countries are in lockdown while in other places individuals are self-isolating in order to stem the spread of the COVID-19 disease.

So what we are doing is launching a new festival specifically for those who are unable to attend events due to the closure of many entertainment buildings.

Hellfire@Home Festival is a brand new film festival where you can attend without leaving your living room.

Over the course of the next few weeks or months we will announce movies that we can all watch together (provided you have it on DVD/Blu-Ray or are streaming it from Netflix/Amazon Prime, etc). While we all watch it we can chat in our Facebook Group and on Twitter. In the group you can also suggest future movies to watch. If there are any free-to-view short films available online please also share them.

We are all in this together so if you have produced a movie, short film or documentary and would like viewers tell us about it.

Films and theatre performances coming up in Hellfire@home Festival:

  • One Man, Two Guvnors – National Theatre (Saturday 4 April)
  • Kon-Tiki (Sunday 5 April)
  • The Invention of Lying (Saturday 11 April)
  • Sausage Party (Sunday 12 April)

We wish you all good health, stay safe, wash your hands and follow your Government’s advice.

Essential Links

Visit the Hellfire@Home Festival page

Visit the Hellfire Film Festival Facebook Group

Visit the Hellfire Film Festival Twitter

Visit the Hellfire Film Festival Facebook Page

It’s Free

Please bear in mind that this new festival is completely free of charge (barring your Netflix, etc, subscription). But Hellfire Film Festival still relies on an income to be able to deliver our programme so if you can spare anything please consider donating to our Website Fund.

Media Enquiries

For all media and press enquiries please contact : Sadie Ingoldby-Spate, Head of Marketing –