The Killer in Cursed Water

The Winners! Folkestone Short Film Festival

After what turned out to be yet another disruptive year, we are delighted to announce the 2021 Folkestone Short Film Festival winners.

We had hoped that, after a year to forget, 2021’s festival would be a great way for us to return to normality. Alas, it was not to be. For the second year running the Folkestone Short Film Festival was held behind closed doors. This year’s festival was the most difficult we’ve hosted and tinged with disappointment because we couldn’t host it in front of a live audience. However, we are eternally grateful for the messages of support and goodwill we’ve received from so many people. We will strive to ensure the 2022 festival will be the best yet and you are all invited!

So, without further ado, after 12 months, 100 submissions from 28 countries, 17 shortlisted and one big day, here are the winners of the 2021 Folkestone Short Film Festival.

Best Director
Laurent Ardoint & Stephane Duprat
“The Killer in Cursed Water” / “La Tueur du Lac Maudit”


Best Cinematography
“The Boy and the Mountain” / “El Niño y la Montaña”
Santiago Aguilera, Gabriel Monreal



Best Storyline (Writers)
Pablo Aguirre, Santiago Aguilera, Kulie Trupp & Gabriel Monreal
“The Boy and the Mountain”


Best Soundtrack
Nathan Sellam & Stephane Duprat
“The Killer in Cursed Water”


Best Acting
Gabrielle Chabot, Thomas Grascoeur, Marine Toulet & Stella
“The Killer in Cursed Water”


Best Editing
“The Boy and the Mountain”
Santiago Aguilera, Gabriel Monreal

And the big one…

Best Film

“The Killer in Cursed Water”
Laurent Ardoint & Stephane Duprat

Two films really ran away with it this year, a first for our festival. A huge congratulations go to the cast and crew of the two films. Also congratulations to the cast and crew of the fifteen other selected films who unfortunately did not pick up any awards.

The persons who submitted the two winning films will be contacted in due course to arrange the delivery of their trophies.

We would like to wish one of our regular judges, Frank Jakeman, our very best wishes after he recently underwent major surgery and thus was unable to judge this year’s event.


Submissions for the 2022 Folkestone Short Film Festival will open on Sunday 1st August at 12pm BST via FilmFreeway.

Official Selection for Folkestone Short Film Festival 2021

A little later than planned but we are delighted to announce the Official Selection for this year’s Folkestone Short Film Festival.

It has been a very tough couple of years and we had hoped to provide you with a physical event but unfortunately for logistical, financial and safety reasons we are unable to do that. So, for the second year running instead of a physical event, the whole festival will be held behind closed doors and remotely. The official selections will be sent to judges who will individually watch the films and take notes. We will then meet via Zoom and collectively select each winner. (See here for more information).

The Official Selection

So, without further do we are delighted to announce that, after the most difficult selection process we’ve undertaken due to the highest standard we’ve ever witnessed, the following short films have been selected for the Folkestone Short Film Festival 2021.

Another Day by Stuart Black & Satinder Gill (United Kingdom)
Barry by John Robert Brown (Ireland)
Explorers by Borja Escribano (Spain)
Good Tidings by Gerry Jenkinson (United Kingdom)
How Can I Forget by Natalia Andreadis (United Kingdom)
Little Things by Tom Grace (United Kingdom)
Losing Grace by Athena Mandis (United Kingdom)
Oldbone Alberto Armas Díaz (Spain)
On My Own by Kristian Young (United Kingdom)
Snake Oil by Remy Archer (United Kingdom)
The Boy and the Mountain by Santiago Aguilera & Gabriel Monreal (Chile)
The Killer in Cursed Water by Laurent Ardoint (France)
The Rape Clause by Jared Watmuff (United Kingdom)
The Recycling Man by Carlo Ballauri (Italy)
The Woman of the House by Felipe Espinosa (Spain)
When You Left by Emilie K. Beck (Norway)
Wooden Character by Robert Duncan (United Kingdom)

An Honourable Mention

Although not selected the following short film deserves an honourable mention.

The Dementia Island Journey by Rianna Patterson (United Kingdom)

For more information about the above short film please visit their Facebook page.


Congratulations to all the people involved in the above short films.

The winners will be announced on Sunday 25th July 2021 at 12:00 GMT (05:00 PT, 08:00 ET, 13:00 BST)