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Hellfire Short Film Festival 2020 Update

We apologise for being silent over the past week, this is due to our servers being compromised. No sensitive or personal information was stolen but it did knock out all email and internet services until today including access to our website.You may have noticed our security certificate had been redirecting to a gambling site and therefore throwing up a security message on your browser. This was not of our doing.

These issues have now been resolved as of 8pm (BST) today, Saturday 11th July.

The Hellfire Short Film Festival 2020 DID take place remotely on Saturday 4th July and the winners will be announced in the next few days. We have delayed the results for two reasons, one is our internet security issues. We had no way of contacting the winners. Secondly we still haven’t received the trophies. We were expecting the trophies mid-June but it now appears that due to Covid-related supply issues we may not receive them for another one to two weeks.

Please accept our sincere apologies as we fell way short of what is expected of us during this past week or so.

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