Hellfire Short Film Festival Final – The Winners

Twenty-two months, 3,300 submissions, 143 countries represented, 163 films screened and it all came down to one night. Welcome to the Hellfire Short Film Festival Grand Final.

On Wednesday 23rd May 2018 we hosted the Hellfire Short Film Festival Grand Final sponsored by Punky! Radio and the University for the Creative Arts. The venue, a first for us, was The Brewery Tap UCA Project Space down the road from our spiritual home the Lime Bar Cafe in Folkestone.

The Finalists

Sixteen short films made it through to the final after twelve gruelling qualifying rounds and three semi finals, all voted on by members of the audience. The finalists are as follows:

They Will All Die in Space
Javier Chillon
(Round 1 Winner)

One Under
Ruth Pickett
(Round 2 Winner)

The List
Steve Davis
(Round 3 Winner)

Destroy Madrid
Joseba Alfaro
(Round 4 Winner)

Adam Spinks
(Round 5 Joint Winner)

Emil Sallinen
(Round 5 Joint Winner)

A Splendid Affair
Laurent Ardoint
(Round 6 Winner)

Alastair Train
(Round 7 Winner)

Muhammad & Samah Safi Bayazid
(Round 8 Winner)

The Mishap
Ruth Pickett
(Round 9 Winner)

The Honeymoon
Ruth Pickett
(Round 10 Winner)

Eternally Child
Lorena Sopi
(Round 11 Winner)

Guillaume Foresti
(Round 12 Winner)

Drawn To Fear
Daniel Robinette
(Semi Final 1 Winner)

All In A Day’s Work
Andy Coughlan
(Semi Final 2 Winner)

The Barber’s Cut
Mark Brocking
(Semi Final 3 Winner)

The Awards

All films were screened in the above order and the audience gave each film their score out of ten. This score would be collated at the end of the night and from these scores we would announce the Best Film Award. Also up for grabs were six trophies for Best Director, Actor, Cinematography, Editing, Screenplay and Sound, these were decided upon by our judges.

The Judges

Gary Ingoldby-Spate
Gary is a Folkestone-based film producer and formerly an award-winning TV producer. Since Hellfire’s inception he has been the Executive Director and hosts all of its events.

Steve Davis
Steve is a Kent-based film director. His first feature film ‘Christmas Slay’ was the third most watched film on Amazon Prime USA in December 2015 and most watched Christmas film. He is currently working on a World War Two feature film called No Glory.

Kate Griffiths
With over 15 years’ experience in the film industry working as a freelance makeup artist Kate has worked for huge production companies such as 20th Century Fox (Logan Wolverine) through to small indie film makers making both low and high budget films. Kate specializes in horror and special effects as well as stage, theatre and TV makeup. Her gallery and up to date blog can be viewed on theatricalmakeupartist.com.

Ben Barton
Ben is a Folkestone-based filmmaker whose recent film ‘Stella Erratica’ hit the national tabloid headlines when it was revealed the late great David Bowie funded it. An avid maker of Super8 films Ben brings his aesthetic eye to the judging panel.

Also due to be judging but cancelled due to a family medical emergency was Frank Jakeman. Frank we wish your family member well.
Frank is a highly experienced and award-winning actor and stand-up comedian having appeared in several movies over the years including ‘A View To A Kill’, ‘Rise of the Krays’, ‘Dead Wish 3’, ‘Shed of the Dead’ and the starring role in ‘Christmas Slay’. He has also appeared in several TV commercials including the Ted Baker ads. He also appeared in Eastenders as a stripper and kissed Dot Cotton!

And the winner is…

After all the films were screened the audience votes we counted up and the judges got to work discussing the films they had seen. The following films picked up the judges’ awards.

BEST DIRECTOR: Muhammad & Samah Safi Bayazid for ‘Fireplace’.

BEST ACTOR: Xhevat Qorraj in ‘Eternally Child’.


BEST EDITING: ‘The Barber’s Cut’.

BEST SOUNDTRACK: ‘A Splendid Affair’.

BEST SCREENPLAY: ‘A Splendid Affair’.

Congratulations to you all, your trophies are in the mail!

And finally, the big one, the audience vote for BEST FILM. The award goes to…

Directed by Andy Coughlan and starring Ben Shockley, Paul Kavanagh and Mark Benton.

Andy, Ben and Paul were present to collect their trophy and they gave a small speech. Congratulations!

CONGRATULATIONS to all of our winners and finalists and a huge thank you to all who submitted their films and to our amazing audiences over the course of season one of the Hellfire Short Film Festival.

Season two of the Hellfire Short Film Festival, renamed simply Hellfire Shorts, begins in 2019 and the first round will take place at the Lime Bar Cafe, Tontine Street, Folkestone. More details will be announced in due course.

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