The Barber's Cut

And Cut! The Hellfire 3rd Semi Final Results

The audience laughed their heads off and the cast of the winning film were literally off their heads. This is the roundup of the Hellfire Short Film Festival 3rd Semi Final.

The hype had been building for this evening as it was the last chance we’d get to see seven of the eight short films as only one film could go through to the Grand Final. The one remaining spot in the Grand Final was up for grabs and all were very strong challengers.

The films on show were:
Your Date Is Here by Zak White & Todd Spence (California, USA)
Consequences by Nabil Nona (Michigan, USA)
The Perfect Gift by Ryan Enever (Norfolk, UK)
Bride of Frankie by Devi Snively (Ohio USA)
Boris In The Forest by Robert Hackett (London, UK)
María Fernanda In Time by Xavier Pijuan (Barcelona, Spain)
A Dog Called Moose by Shay Kuehlmann & Kate Roxburgh (London, UK)
The Barber’s Cut by Mark Brocking (London, UK)

Over 3,300 short films were submitted to the Hellfire Short Film Festival from 141 countries. Of those 3,300 only 163 made it through to qualifiers.. Of those 163 the audience narrowed it down to 16. The 16th and final short film to be included in the Grand Final is:

by Mark Brocking

Congratulations to Mark and the team!

That’s it, all of the qualifiers and semi finals are over, all that’s remaining it the big one, the one you’ve been waiting for. The Hellfire Short Film Festival Grand Final.

Hellfire Short Film Festival Grand Final
Wednesday 23rd May 2018 4.30pm
The Brewery Tap UCA Project Space, Tontine Street, Folkestone

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