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Hellfire’s a hit, man!

The third round of the Hellfire Short Film Festival screamed its way to Lime Bar Cafe on Wednesday evening. As it is so close to Halloween we opted for a horror-themed round.

The evening began with a promotional video highlighting all of the films we’ve previously screened before the first entry of the evening was shown.


The short films that made the cut into the evening’s playlist were as follows:

Date Night (Jake Byrd)
Mr.Dentonn (Ivan Villamel)
LIKE (Guilio Manicardi)
Silently Within Your Shadow (Scott Lyus)
The List (Steve Davis)
HIDE: Bloody Mary (Evan Sweet)
PORTAL TO HELL!!! (Viviendo Caldinelli)
Awakenings (Bhargav Saikia)
Collector (Jamie Scott Beal)

Throughout the evening the audience voted on each short film based on six criteria: Direction; Acting; Editing; Story/Script; Visuals; and Soundtrack with each receiving a score out of five. All six criteria are then counted up for an overall score out of 30. The winning short film goes straight through to the Hellfire Short Film Festival Grand Final that will be held next summer as part of the main Hellfire International Film Festival. The highest scoring second and third placed films will also go through as Wildcards.


With a score of 24.90 the winner of the Hellfire Short Film Festival Round Three is THE LIST by Steve Davis.

In second was PORTAL TO HELL!!! by Viviendo Caldinelli and starring WWE wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper (21.80) and third was Silently Within Your Shadow by Scott Lyus (21.22). Both join the wildcard table.


The Fourth Round of the Hellfire Short Film Festival is November 23rd 2016 at Lime Bar Cafe.

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