One Under

Famous faces go One Under

The second round of the Hellfire Short Festival kicked off in style on Wednesday. 

A smaller than usual audience didn’t dampen the proceedings at Lime Bar Cafe as it gave for a more intimate atmosphere. The theme for the evening was comedy and we had a great selection of short films on offer.

In attendance was Emmy-nominated director/actor Ruth Pickett whose short film ‘One Under’ was on the playlist for the evening. Also on the festival playlist was ‘Tea For Two’ starring Amanda Barrie (‘Coronation Street’ and ‘Bad Girls’) and John Challis (‘Only Fools And Horses’ and ‘The Green Green Grass’) and reverse-parking itself firmly into a viewing slot was driving instructor comedy ‘Melvyn’ starring Ewen MacIntosh (‘The Office’).

The evening kicked off with a promotional video featuring many clips of previous Hellfire Short Film Festival entries before the hotly anticipated first film of the night was screened.


The short films that made the cut into the evening’s playlist were as follows (in order of screening):

‘One Under’ directed by Ruth Pickett
‘A Piece of the Pie’ directed by Luke Grandmont
‘Courage’ directed by Jean-Luc Julien
‘The Black Hole’ directed by Phil Sansom & Olly Williams
‘Already Dead’ directed by Michael James Dean
‘Si’ directed by Steve George
‘Tea For Two’ directed by Mark Brennan
‘Melvyn’ directed by James Albarn
‘Le Flash’ directed by Mark Gregory
‘The Barber’s Cut’ directed by Mark Brocking

Throughout the evening the audience voted on each short film based on six criteria: Direction; Acting; Editing; Story/Script; Visuals; and Soundtrack with each receiving a score out of five. All six criteria are then counted up for an overall score out of 30. The winning short film goes straight through to the Hellfire Short Film Festival Grand Final that will be held next summer as part of the main Hellfire International Film Festival. The highest scoring second and third placed films will also go through as Wildcards.


With a score of 25.22 the winner of the Hellfire Short Film Festival Round Two is ONE UNDER by Ruth Pickett.

Joint second and joining the Wildcard table are:  Already Dead (24.56) and The Barber’s Cut (24.56).

The team at Hellfire would like to congratulate Ruth and the cast and crew of One Under for winning the round and we look forward to seeing you at the Grand Final.


The Third Round of the Hellfire Short Film Festival is October 26th 2016 at Lime Bar Cafe, Folkestone, and it’s HORROR themed so prepare to be scared! Also we encourage all in attendance to dress up, not too much blood though as the sticky syrup can be awkward to clean up!

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