Wallace and Gromit

Aardman set for Short Film Night

We’re delighted to announce that the makers of Wallace & Gromit are set to join us at our next Hellfire Short Film Night.

The multi-award winning production company Aardman Animations have submitted one of their short films to be screened at the June event.

A plucky, pioneering pre-historic fish, has a ground-breaking plan to improve his life! Ray’s Big Idea is a stunning three minute animated short film, about a fed-up fish’s desire to escape his overcrowded primordial ocean and be the first fish to walk on the land.

You can watch the film early here.

Aardman are this year celebrating the fortieth anniversary of their first ever creation, Morph, who appeared on the children’s TV art show ‘Take Hart’.

Happy Birthday Morph!

The Hellfire Short Film Night is at the LiME Bar Cafe, 46 Tontine Street, Folkestone on Thursday 2nd June from 7.30pm.

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